Date: 2017-09-191

Help received: 7 500 inr

My Name Gothadiya Ashvin From Gujrat I am Participant in mmmindia from my get help Date: 2017-09-12 amount 7500 INR I am vary very happy Thanks MMMindia.

Date: 2017-09-192

Help received: 5 500 inr

i am utkristan guider in mmmmindia from jai raj . i got help of 5500/ dated on 16-09-2017 . I am so happy and thankful of mmm system and mr sergey mavrodi.thanks .long live mmm

Date: 2017-09-193

Help received: 5 500 inr

my name is sapan I am a member of MMMINDIA i had provide help 0.02btc on dt-02-09-2017 and i have get help 0.022btc on dt-18-09-2017 thanks to mmmindia .

Date: 2017-09-194

Help received: 3 000 inr

I am rajeeb .I am from odisha,a member of MMM INDIA, on dt -18-09-2017 i have receive my referal bonus 0.0125BTC .Thanks MMM INDIA.

Date: 2017-09-195

Help received: 1 000 inr

My Name Is Dinesh Singh ,Am from Delhi ,I am a Guider in MMM India ... Today i Received the GH of 1000 INR (AS I HAD TOOK THE 14th PLACE on THE 3rd Contest) ..Am very thankful to all the participant and specially Sir Mr. Sergey Mavrodi ...For Introducing us this wonderful community thanks to all Hope you guys will do it and will become the next winner of the upcoming or running contest ....

Date: 2017-09-196

Help received: 1 000 inr

I am mmm sujan I am particapent 100+ guider, I am from delhi System of entri date 25/12/2016 provid help 3500 Refral bonus guider bonus Get help amount 1000 date 18/9/2017 I am happy & thnx mmm india global Long live mmm india global

Date: 2017-09-197

Help received: 1 000 inr

MMM PAYS# My self Gulab singh From Kaithal city (HRY) 1K+guider of mmm India community. When i need take help 1000/inr on date 18/09/2017 this amount is my guider bonus amount and i have received amount in my wallet,i am happy and impressed for take help. Its great experience,i am very happy to receive help from the another person. Long live mmm India MMM PAYS## ########

Date: 2017-09-198

Help received: 1 000 inr

I am Sanjeev Kumar Srivastava I lived from India I am 10+Guider to MMM Get help 1000 on 18-09-17 and recived 1000 on same date of get help thanks MMM Long Live MMM

Date: 2017-09-199

Help received: 1 000 inr

my name.subhas maurya membar of MMM India gh date.16.09.17 amo.1000 rs a am very happy. long live MMM

Date: 2017-09-1910

Help received: 1 000 inr

I am Chandra Prakash Mittal I am 10+ Guider I am from Uttar pradesh this is my guider bonus get help 1000/- date 16.09.2017