Now Referral Bonus is 20%!


We are getting stronger and decided to present  a really nice gift to our participants. Now Referral Bonus in MMM India -- 20%! How does it work?

Now MMM India offers the best referral program. Nowhere you can find such advantageous conditions. :-)) 

Thanks to the new referral bonuses you will have enough money to support yourselves. If you invite 10 newbies who provide help in the average amount of 5000 INR -- your bonus will make up as much as 10 000 INR! You get a lot of money without having provided help on your own. 

The system is operating so efficiently that we can safely increase the reward for attracting new members. This encourages participants to invite referrals, which will help MMM get even stronger! 

Our  mutual-aid Community is evolving -- the participants are providing help, attracting new members, and building their structures. Thanks to our innovation, the MMM will move forward twice as fast as before. We will continue our effective and stable operation! 

Attract new participants -- develop MMM and receive cool bonuses!