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Thank God, you didn't say we are eating kids in MMM!!! -)))
Dear Mavrodians!!!

We can already read about us in the newspapers!

 But what is it all about? Which company are they talking about?

 Which investments?

MMM INDIA is a MUTUAL AID FUND, where people ONLY help each otther!!!

 And everyone knows this!!!

This is the kind of reaction we are getting from the media- and this is the way it is in any country!!! But mass media should be truthful and honest!

What is it you are saying??

"Once the member brings two more investors, s/he gets 20 additional mavros in his e-valet..."
"However, when s/he wants to sell mavros, s/he will have to keepa bank of 100 mavros with the company..."

This particular information is seen nowhere on our web-site!!!

Or maybe it's not about us, but about those people who create other short-period fake companies and just using MMM brand to enrich themselves? But this is clear that this is not about us!!!

But if it's written about MMM INDIA - Dear journalists, please first check your sources, and kindly READ our official web-site ONCE AGAIN and  ONLY then publish your articles for ordinary people to read!

Maybe these links will help you - 

Rates of MAVRO are here - 

Otherwise it looks  very unprofessioanal in your article when you mention - 

  "On investing 5,000 INR a member gets 100 mavros..." 

And also we recommend you to watch our Video - Need To Know Section, where you'll find many very interesting facts and maybe will understand the ideology of MMM System!!!

Here -

Thank God, you didn't say we are eating kids in MMM!!! -)))


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