MMM 02/10/14


MMM News 01/10/14

Dear participants!

We are glad to inform you that the freezing of bonuses for the month, introduced a few days ago, is CANCELED. You can again take out bonuses (manager’s and referral) as soon as they’ve been accrued. We have coped with the frauds (in fact, the freezing was introduced because of them), so there is no need to freeze your bonuses any more.

We apologize for our regular "tossing". As it is a new thing (taking money out without confirmation) we cannot provide everything at once. All optimal solutions have to be searched already during this process. What can’t do anything about that. There are no other ways.

We hope for your understanding. Together we change the world! :)


MMM 30/09/14


MMM News 28/09/14

Dear participants!

At the moment “selling” Mavro (request for assistance) is not available in the PO. This is merely a technical problem that will be solved within the next few hours. So don't worry. Sometimes it happens. Programmers are also people. :))

Yours Sincerely


News 23/09/14

1.The time of execution of orders is reduced to 48 hours

2. Those who partially or totally refused to complete the assignments: in 72 hours the requests of those who refused to pay all the requests will be removed, they will receive only face value.

१. अब से आर्डर को पूर्ण करने का अवधि कम करके केवल ४८ घंटे का ही मिलेगा.

२. जिन्होंने अधूरे या पूर्ण आर्डर को ७२ घंटों में भरने से इंकार किया हो , उनकी सारी ऑर्डर्स रद्द की जाएगी और उनको केवल अपनी  मूल रकम ही प्राप्त हो सकेगी।


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