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Due to the fact that the number of participants wanting to help and so the amount of money is much more the money that are to pay the Old Mavro. The money will be directed for storage to the participants who had already assisted and bought Mavro. 
This is necessary to confirm the Mavro to those participants who are ready nearly a month to help but they do not receive orders. We had such a practice in Russia and it recommended itself well.
 System as it was before automatically generate and put orders to direct money for storage.
 SMS notice will not be because of sms confirmation shutdown temporarily, so be careful, don’t miss orders and make transfers in time. As for the Old Mavro payments, they will be continued further to all in amount of not more than 2500 rupee.
 Then we will start 5000 and so on. 
The amount and terms of payments on the old Mavro is directly dependent on the rate of system development. Up to 10% of the funds we receive now go on the Old Mavro payments. Earlier, these 10% were for the leader’s bonuses payment. So we pay this for the participants of Old Mavro, because the Manager bonuses are not payed temporally so the police had no reason to put pressure on the leaders. 
But we repeat once again that the main thing is the system stability so the priority is new Mavro liquidity that you buy. They are completely free for sale. 
Our main task is that they are always be available for removal, and this is possible under the condition that there would be no panic in the system such as the one which was organized by the police.
 So those who did not get help from the system before because of the police actions now decide what to do: to develop the system actively by attracting new members and buy new Mavro, or wait until the system will accelerate and you will be assisted by the 10% that goes on the Old Mavro payments. 
Of course we all want to pay to all at once but you must understand that the sustainability and stability of the system is the most important. So be patient, and better develop the system actively because it all depends on our joint activity. And remember together We Can a Lot. Long Ling live MMM!


The MMM India participants who began to participate in MMM Indonesia, Bangladesh, Russia and other countries while the Indian was paused; addressed with a question to Sergey Mavrodi about what will happen with them after the MMM India structure restart?
The answer: Not only citizens from India but also from other countries can participate in the Bangladesh and Indonesia structures. 
And if they have an opportunity they can buy Mavro for the currency of these countries. 
Those who have accounts in Russia, participate even in Russia. 
This opportunity will be and we are not able to stop it. 
And what about MMM-India? MMM-India structure works with all the participants who buy Mavro for Indian rupee. 
It means that all the transfers between the participants at the domestic level. 
There were and will be no international transfers between everyone. 
So those who want to participate in two or more structures of your right. 
Participate. But don’t forget that the system first of all is a mutual aid fund, so use only that money that you are ready to lose without compensation while making a transfer to another participant as a help.


We remove SMS confirmation of the entrance to the VA (virtual accounts )and the purchase of MAVRO.
 For safety of the system sms confirmation for selling Mavro was saved. 
System security will not be affected but it makes the work easier in many countries. 
All GA keys were switched off. You can make new GA key"


1) When you got request to get help you must be in touch. You phone must be On and check your messages in Virtual account.
2) You must confirm your bank details in message box of this order.
3) Make video about getting help and attach link to youtube in letter of happiness in virtual account.

1) Check bank details of receiver and be sure receiver is in touch.
2) Provide help.
3) Attach receipt for check CRO and confirming by receiver!

Sender must attach receipt otherwise he will be blocked.
Don't ask receiver to confirm getting help without slip. Also sender will be blocked and delete from system  for fake slip!

If you have any problems please write tickets in according to this format

Respect each other! ! ! And system will be the Strongest!

We Can Do A Lot only Together!

1) Download your video about getting help to Youtube.
2) Press in request "Write a Letter of Happiness"
3) Fill in the form and write your link to video on youtube.




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Due to numerous requests from participants declare an amnesty on the system.
All blocked accounts are unblocked today. 
Many have repented; many people simply could not understand the work of the virtual account.
So we give a chance once again, be careful and responsible with providing help. 
After all, on the other side there are the same ordinary people like you who have applied for assistance. 

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