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We return the sms notification. Also sms confirmation will be required for selling Mavro. It was made to protect your Accounts from stealing Mavro and also due to the fact that many new members specify nonexistent phone numbers and we can’t communicate with them. As we promised earlier there will be no SMS confirmation to log in the Account and buy Mavro. We try to make the service as easy for you as possible. Continue writing your suggestions for improving the system in the comments under the appropriate topic in the news. For these purposes, we shall keep it relevant on the first page. 

SMS center is now being tested!
Thanks for your emails about any problems!
We will solve it quickly

India is interested in signing a free trade agreement with the Customs Union (Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan), and this issue should be considered seriously, Russian President Vladimir Putin said at a meeting of the Supreme Eurasian Economic Council at the level of the heads of states in Minsk on Thursday.

The Russian leader noted the words of Kazakh counterpart Nursultan Nazarbayev that Turkey asked to join the Customs Union. "I would like to inform you, dear colleagues, that another major economy, one of the largest economies in the world shows the same interest. This is India,” Putin said.

The Russian president recalled that the Indian prime minister had recently visited Russia.

"He asked me to raise the issue at our today’s meeting that India would like to consider the possibility to sign an agreement on free trade zone with the Customs Union. I believe that taking into account the size and scale of Indian market, the prospects of development in Asia in general, we should take this proposal very seriously,” Putin noted.

First published by Itar-Tass 

Spesical respect from system:  A huge number of people have received payments for the debts. Payments continue on, but somehow thanks for the help everyone forgets. Really as said bad is active and good is passive. Here if did not get help there will be a wave of negativity and claims, but if a person received help he hides immediately. We won’t change the world with such revolutionaries :) Small request to all participants – thank each other for the assistance. Treat each other with respect as a militant fellow.  

We defrost another 10000 of rupees for RAGHUNATH U (, because he responsibly reacted to the Sergei Marodi’s request and was one of the first who recorded and sent his video about receipt of money. 
Take an example and remember that everything depends on our activity.
 Do not forget please send a video about getting help to an address "

Daily works to those who want to help the System.
At last we have prepared the tasks. We believe that they are quite reasonable. So the work is just on your shoulders. We Can a Lot!

Work for those who have few free hours of time and desire to promote the system actively. 
1. Campaigning in the cubes. Every day, we hold promotion companies in all the cities of Russia and Ukraine to inform the public about the MMM. 
(It is necessary to attach the best videos with cubes in Russia) You only need to agree on the cube, T-shirts and flyers production price and give them to passersby, registering and explain about MMM to the interested persons.
Then you send a video report and we will compensate advertising expenses incurred by you. 
2. Agitation in crowded places. Daily action on the MMM flyers distribution.
 The procedure is the same as with cubes. Agitation can be on the street in traffic.
 Give flyers to drivers. Flyers can be glued on the streets. It is actually good for the big cities.
 Usually in Russia the cube is placed near the problematic areas of the roads. 

4. Place a banner "MMM" under your window or the balcony. Imagine, when you look out the window and see in the next house banner MMM, You will feel nicely and even somehow more comfortable. And if such banners will be in every yard or the city? It means that, the Financial Apocalypse is fast approaching. 
Examples MMM banners here
5. MavroCar - in addition to the standard posters there is also a light version. If you cannot paste over your car with MMM symbols for some reason, you may hang a small sticker on the rear window.
Link to mavro cars

Work for those who have little time to help the system:
1. Change the status to "I'm changing the world. Long Live MMM”. You definitely have an account in a social network. At least, if you mail is "Gmail”, you can make such a status in chat. Show people that you are changing the world, that you have entered a MMM, just change your status.
2. Write a post in the social network. Write a post that you have entered the system MMM and you are ready to share information and help everybody who wishes to do so. Don’t forget that you can get a 10% of Referral bonus from each new participant. 
3. An article in the blog. If you have a blog, write an article about the MMM. Enter it links to our website - News, Mutual Aid. 

Everyday tasks. 
1. Attracting your acquaintances, relatives, and friends. There is nothing easier than to start talking about the system to your friends and acquaintances. If you are not sure in yourself, then listen to our conference. 
2. Repost of news and events in social networks. Read the latest news MMM, Stay informed and do not forget to repost in social networks. 
3. The fight with the internet trolls. Leave your positive reviews about MMM in comments to various articles.  If there are negative reviews - mind, only logical and convincingly. If you join a discussion, remember that you write not for the Troll (he does not listen and does not perceive anyway) but to the other readers, who read this all.

We Can Do A Lot Together!
Long Live MMM!

 "Many participants ask us to send them variants of MMM flyers for promotions.
In connection with this we open a contest for the best flyer about MMM. 
Send your variants of flyers to our e-mail….till the 10.11.13. 
We shall post them on our website. 
Every Indian participant can take part in voting by making comments below. 
Your opinion will be taken into consideration to summarize the results of the competition. 
We will announce the winner on the 13th of November. 
First prize will be 10000 – rupees, second – 7000, the third – 5000. 
The money will be added to your Account and of course will be available to withdraw. 
Next, we will held a competition for the best article about MMM, and the best video – clip.
Requirements for the flyer format ...... Any size ..... language - Hindi or English. 

DATE: 27.10. 2013 

Hello! Greetings to all MMM-India participants. 
A month has passed since the resumption of the MMM in India. And the system develops well. 
There are much more participants wanting to help than those who appealed for help. 
Thereby we unfreeze another part of the old Mavro worth several tens of millions rupees. 
There will be sums up to 2,500 rupees for one account. 
We remind you that the new Mavro completely liquid and can be withdrawn. 
Exactly their liquidity is a major task in the system management today.
 We also withdraw funds for advertisements. 
Any participant that showed initiative and organized an advertising campaign (conferences, Mavro runs, leaflets, advertisements in newspapers, on TV, etc.) may recover expenses incurred by an advertising campaign but only after the campaign is over. 
Compensation will be transferred to the organizer Mavro account after the advertising campaign is over and a report was provided.
 Transferred Mavro are liquid and ready for withdrawal. 
This is done to avoid fraud. In order to advertise on this promotion you will need to send your promotional offer to e-mail…… 
And just after the response and coordination, you can proceed with your proposed advertising company.
What does the organizer gets? 
He indicates details in advertisement and so he gets referral bonuses when new members come on this advertisement. 
This mechanism will allow active participants to develop the system more effectively. Long live MMM.

All the MMM-India participants must remember that the main task of our community is to free people from the financial shackles. 
And it is necessary to change the existing global financial system for this. Why the global financial system is unfair? 
Why someone does work from the morning till late night and another one others just parasitize on their work by printing money? Why no one wants to notice that? 
Why they don’t tell about this in any university? 
Why this is not mentioned in the mass media? What is hidden from us so that we were slaves? The world economy is regularly covered with a wave of the financial crisis. 
But who is to blame and what we need to do? We will introduce you every week with the leaders of different countries that are struggling with the global banking elite to open people’s eyes and tell everyone the truth. 
Today, most people in the world do not even know that the Federal Reserve was established as a private club of Morgans and Rockefellers. 
It is a powerful organization, acting on behalf of several families, at the same time ignores the needs of the world population majority. Today we introduce to you U.S. 
He opposed the Federal Reserve Conspiracy. 
He also told to us in his book what we need to do to modify the world economy in prosperity of future generations. 
In his fascinating work "End the Fed" he makes a sensational conclusion that the Federal Reserve System as harmful to America itself, as to the other countries in the world. 
And after the book, it becomes clear why the whole world was tied with green dollar bills and how you can get rid of it. 
Do not be lazy to download and read. You couldn’t buy such knowledge for any money.


Due to the fact that the number of participants wanting to help and so the amount of money is much more the money that are to pay the Old Mavro. The money will be directed for storage to the participants who had already assisted and bought Mavro. 
This is necessary to confirm the Mavro to those participants who are ready nearly a month to help but they do not receive orders. We had such a practice in Russia and it recommended itself well.
 System as it was before automatically generate and put orders to direct money for storage.
 SMS notice will not be because of sms confirmation shutdown temporarily, so be careful, don’t miss orders and make transfers in time. As for the Old Mavro payments, they will be continued further to all in amount of not more than 2500 rupee.
 Then we will start 5000 and so on. 
The amount and terms of payments on the old Mavro is directly dependent on the rate of system development. Up to 10% of the funds we receive now go on the Old Mavro payments. Earlier, these 10% were for the leader’s bonuses payment. So we pay this for the participants of Old Mavro, because the Manager bonuses are not payed temporally so the police had no reason to put pressure on the leaders. 
But we repeat once again that the main thing is the system stability so the priority is new Mavro liquidity that you buy. They are completely free for sale. 
Our main task is that they are always be available for removal, and this is possible under the condition that there would be no panic in the system such as the one which was organized by the police.
 So those who did not get help from the system before because of the police actions now decide what to do: to develop the system actively by attracting new members and buy new Mavro, or wait until the system will accelerate and you will be assisted by the 10% that goes on the Old Mavro payments. 
Of course we all want to pay to all at once but you must understand that the sustainability and stability of the system is the most important. So be patient, and better develop the system actively because it all depends on our joint activity. And remember together We Can a Lot. Long Ling live MMM!


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