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1) Download your video about getting help to Youtube.
2) Press in request "Write a Letter of Happiness"
3) Fill in the form and write your link to video on youtube.




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Due to numerous requests from participants declare an amnesty on the system.
All blocked accounts are unblocked today. 
Many have repented; many people simply could not understand the work of the virtual account.
So we give a chance once again, be careful and responsible with providing help. 
After all, on the other side there are the same ordinary people like you who have applied for assistance. 

The system is now experiencing rapid launch and growth. (No wonder. All have been waiting for. We have learned everything.) In short, life is boiling, the general atmosphere of joy and enthusiasm. 
But! There is no limit for perfection. :)) And I'm sure something can still improve, simplify, make more visible and convenient. 
So! Send us your thoughts and suggestions. Right here in the comments.
What do you think advisable what other opportunities you would like to have what problems do you see. (Or, alternatively, new opportunities. For example, advertising.) 
Only the general nature of the problem, not "I cannot enter my Virtual accountCabinet!". :)) Say, "it will be great to be able to attract people somehow without Internet." Like this one, in general terms. If you also see a solution so it will be great! 
So point a solution. I repeat you may, write just a general description of the problem. 
And we certainly think about what and how. We read all email and comments and take into consideration in the work with the system. In short, write to us. We are waiting!

 We Can Do A Lot! :))                                       
                                                                                                                 Sergey Mavrodi

"At first they did not notice you, then they laugh at you, then fight with you. And then you win" M. Gandy. 

So the same we had in MMM, for the first they did not notice us, second then laughed a lot, saying that we cannot unite people and change the world.
When we become millions they began to fight. It's time to give an answer to our opponents. It is time to win. MMM resumed work in India.
Controller is running, the system successfully resumed full operation. Actively develop our community, tell about the MMM to your friends. 
Write to feedback through tickets in your cabinets about all the problems in the virtual accounts. 
Send your proposals about the organizational development issues of the system to
You can also send letters to Sergei Mavrodi and Alexei Muratov on this address.
Everything just begins. Long Live MMM. 

We appeal to all the participants who now receive payments on the old Mavro please make video records of the receipt and send them to our e-mail croindiammm@gmail.comThe payment on the old Mavro will be stopped for those participants who will not send the video of. 


We optimize the server because of the large number of registrations and recalculation of old mavro.

Please wait Till monday. 

Hello Mavrodians
Tomorrow virtual accounts start their work.
All information will be announced on site.


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Subject: HELP COUNTRY - You will need to provide receipts if you already gave help to our country and paid tax. You can bedaub confidential information and keep only your name, name of Tax Department and amount.
Subject: ONLINE - For those who are ready to consult people on-line and who want to become a moderator (Admin) of our Forum as per region.
Subject: FRAUD - Fake slip/no slip/ wrong slip is attached, no confirmation within 48 hours.
Subject: Technical error - make screenshot and write in detail how and where the problem occurs and write your ID. We'll fix it fast!
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