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Well, congratulations to the winners of the contest for the best article are:

1. ANIL KAPOOR  is getting  10000 rupees.
2. Ashok Dewang - 7000 rupees
3. Rishu Neelagund - 5000 rupees

All other participants who took part in the competition will be rewarded with 1,000 rupees. 
Now all the system members can use these articles and place them on their websites, social networks and mass media pointing their contact details and referral links. 

We announce the next competition for the Best video of MMM.
The prize amount grows as the task is much more complicated than before. 
First-place prize will be 20,000 rupees, 15000 for the second place and 10000for the third. 
Competition will be held until 31/12/2013. The winners will be announced on January, 1. Good luck

Removing the old Mavro caused by the fact that at the time when some are developing a system actively and attract new members, the vast majority of older members just sit and waits for payments for the old MAVRO. 
They think that someone has to decide all their problems not themselves.
 System has fallen because of police action there is no our fault and no System managers’ fault today I find it more necessary to encourage those people who are developing the system actively now and Managers need to return their bonuses.
 Now they are calculated as before and are available for withdrawal. 
Those who decided to take a position of waiting let them wait when their defrosted Mavro will grow up to amount they need. 
Considering the fact that the maximum deposit in India was 50,000 rupees we have defrosted quite a lot. This is the third defrost. 
And just today we took the responsibility to help people who have suffered because of police actions. 
And we helped and paid out of sums which previously went to the Manager bonuses. 
I repeat once more if you have a personal desire to help someone from your structure you can do it at the expense of Manager bonuses which are calculated and paid now.
 All purchased Mavro after the resumption of the system are stored and available for withdrawal. 
Do not live the previous day the system needs to be actively developed and everyone will be able to get help many times greater than their old Mavro. "

Managers letter
Dear Sergey Mavrodi Sir and Alexie Muratova Sir,
Its a humble request from all Indian Mavrodians not to remove the old mavro from the virtual accounts. After the 2nd restart means from 25th September 2013 we have been getting united together and started promoting MMM India in a big way. We have changed our managers and now are working under active leadership to promote Vision of Sergey Mavrodi and Alexie Muratov.

We have understood our mistakes and are ready to correct ourselves with new plan of actions to clear all the debt mavros in virtual accounts with large number of new provide helps. People had been waiting for the debt release since march 2013. We could keep them motivated and calm as the mavro could be seen in the virtual accounts. But now since the decision by Sergey Mavrodi to release 2500 INR to all mavrodians and remove the balance mavros will ACTUALLY create panic among MMM India participants.

As he said in the video that the police were looking for victims or unhappy people against mmm to lodge complaints and book our leaders. Now due to this action of removing the old mavros from the accounts will create REAL VICTIMS in MMM India and these victims those who waited on our request will now lodge complaints against the managers of MMM India that they are CHEATED by MMM India and its promoters.

We had now actually motivated our people to provide new help of 2500 onwards in the motive to get their old mavros released and due to this promotion we could get substantial number of provide help requests. The Last 10 days have been very good in terms of new provide help numbers.

I once again request Mr. Sergey Mavrodi and Alexie Muratov not to remove the OLD MAVROs from the accounts. Even request to cancel the decision to release 2500 till the system gets healthier. Ultimately the old mavro will only be released upon new provide help which we promise will increase very rapidly so that the debt can be release without any problems.



Today, after the old Mavro defrost large number of participants requested help at once for the purpose of their withdrawal.
 This caused an unstable work of Accounts today. 
Programmers temporarily froze them again. We will defrost them progressively so to avoid a critical load on the system. 
The new Mavro are available for withdrawal as before, this restriction does not concern them. 

Virtual account will start work tomorrow in the afternoon.

Greetings to all Mavrodians!

The contest for the best article about MMM has ended.

Now all the participants can use these articles on their websites and pages in social networks to attract new members to our community. The winner will be determined in few days. 

We ask you to vote in the comments for the articles that you liked best of all. 

Your opinion will be considered when summing up the contest. 

We also remind you that these articles can be placed in the mass media, including newspapers in your region on a fee basis. Coordinate funds for their placement in accordance with the rules of obtaining advertising budget. 

This will allow you to develop your own structure and in general the whole system quickly. Mavrodians COME ON!!!




















Hello mavrodians!
We inform you that programmers are working and in the near future we will move to the new rules announced by Sergei Panteleevich Mavrodi in his last video. 
2500 rupees still will be unfreezed all the old Mavro will be removed until tomorrow. 
Managers begin to get bonuses from today which will be available for withdrawal. 
We apologize for the delay. A large amount of participants and data to process. 

Dear mavrodians
Before making ticket with your issue please read this special format for this.
Always write number of order R. 
Now everybody can change his phone number, email and change his manager in  virtual account in "My page".

Thank you for your understanding.
We Can Do A Lot Together!!!

Greetings to all the MMM-India participants. It will soon be two months from the date of the resumption of the MMM in India. Everything works fine and you can see for yourself. Many people write to me here with a request to unfreeze the old Mavro and to return managers bonuses that they had before. 
Also participants write that many are confused with the old and the new Mavro in their virtual accounts. The managers say that they are ready again to develop and build the structure of the system actively. So I had made the following decision. We have already defrosted the old Mavro twice. Someone had got 2,500 rupees and another one 5000 rupees. 
Today we shall defreeze 2,500 rupees to all, and the remaining old frozen Mavro will be removed from the virtual account. We have helped thus little provided participants by unfreezing the old Mavro considering the fact that the maximum amount of deposit in India is not more than 50,000 rupees. And the others may not withdraw, but simply hold your Mavro that they shall grow up to the amount you need. These Mavro are fully accessible for withdrawal at any time. 
And better do not sit and wait just buy new Mavro develop a system and earn bonuses. In this case, I am announcing the return of manager bonuses. Now they will be charged and will be available for withdrawal as before. Till today they were charged but had been frozen. We have payed the old Mavro at the expense of funds which went to the manager bonuses. 
If any manager has a desire, you can individually at the expense of your manager bonuses that you'll receive in the near future help and assist participants in your structure. Once again I repeat that if there were no actions from police then we would still work fine and everyone would be paid. Now I think that the police have realized that they have provoked panic for nothing and the result was the restart of a system. 
Many people were affected only because of their actions. It's no secret now that it was the police that organized the attack on our website. They needed unhappy participants to build the basis for de
tain and pressure on our managers. Otherwise, what is the reason for arrest if there are no victims? It won’t happen anymore. The system is protected much stronger than the banks of India so we are not afraid of any hacker attacks. We have passed through it in all countries, and India is not an exception. Many countries now have understood that we do not violate the law so they do not interfere. 
I am sure the same will be in India. But despite the fact that everything works do not relax and attract new members actively, tell them the ideology of MMM, hold conferences and promotion campaigns. Especially now managers shall receive bonuses for it as before. So everything depends on you, remember it. MMM is your project. 
Therefore, as in any business if you do everything the best you can not doubt the success will be guaranteed. But everyone needs to develop a system; it is all because only together WE CAN A LOT. Remember it. Long live MMM.

So now everybody can change phone number by youself in virtual account in My page!

Well, congratulations to the winners of the contest for the best flyer
they were:
1) KAPOOR ANIL   - is getting  10000 rupees 
2) Kakane Kavita  - 7000 rupees 
3) KAPOOR PARAS - 5000 rupees 

Special thanks to all participants of MMM-India for participating in the contest. We encourage all participants of action with 2500 rupees by crediting the MAVRO to their virtual accounts. 
Now all participants have the opportunity to choose the most favorite flyer for their promotional campaign MMM shares. We remind you that MMM advertising campaigns and actions expenses will be offset but it is necessary to coordinate a budget for their carrying out by sending a proposal to the e-mail .

And we start a contest for the best article about MMM. It will be finished on the 25th. 11. 2013. And on the 27th of November we will announce the winners.
 First-place prize is 10,000 rupees, the second prize is 7,000 rupees, and for third place 5000 rupees. 
Terms of the contest: Your article should reveal the ideology and objects of MMM with marketing elements to attract as much participants to our community as possible. The text should be placed on any of the Internet sites, or even on your page on facebook. Send your requests to e-mail  
In the application, except the text should be a link to a site where you have placed it. 
We wish all good luck and victory in the new competition.


Greetings to all the MMM participants of India!
 The second month has come since the resumption of the MMM-India system. Everything develops very well. Even those who have not previously received assistance under the old Mavro are payed; participants take the initiative and activity more and more. You can see it on the Web-site. Many request to switch to previous regime and rules of work as to return leader bonuses. People write that they are not afraid of any pressure and are ready again to develop the system actively. So it is time to return the institution of leaders. In this regard I I have turned to Sergei Panteleevich leaders with the task to return the bonuses and come back to the old rules of the system. So we are waiting for good news from our commander in chief.
We also have other good news and I would like to tell about them today. Since I do not have the opportunity to meet you at conferences as before, I will put my video messages and tell you about the Ideology of MMM and the events in the world here on the web-site. Today I want to tell you about a recent meeting of Russian President Vladimir Putin and Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh where the possibility of India entering in a free trade zone with the countries of the Customs Union was raised. Indian side is extremely interested because it can get access to the energy resources of Central Asia and Russia. 
Continuing the dialogue that had begun in New Delhi, Anand Sharma visited Moscow soon and on the results of meetings reported that he looks forward to a speedy increase of mutual investment of Russian and Indian business in several times. So what is a customs union, and what is it good for?
Narsultan Nazarbayev, the President of Kazakhstan, and many experts say that the Customs Union is a Russian attempt to restore the Soviet Union. 
In any case the customs union can be a very influential player on the world stage. This is not just a certain part of the economic reintegration of the former Soviet Union. Eurasian Union can soon become a true continental commonwealth of nations which relationships will not allow the third parties to play on certain contradictions of neighbors. Even those countries that do not share a land border with the association may enter the CU. Customs Union has received 35 applications of cooperation from different countries. But a special interest is the application of India on the possibility of joining the CU. Negotiations about it are underway from 2011, but they have intensified with a new force only in this year.
Indian government intends to discuss with Russia the possibility of signing an economic cooperation agreement with CU, it was declared by Ajay Bisariya, the head of the Eurasian Department of Indian Foreign Ministry. It should be noted that India - a long-standing and reliable partner of Russia. Russian and Indian relations develop dynamically in different directions: the economy, investment, science and culture. They rely on the rich experience of interaction, a solid foundation which were laid before the independence of India. In 2012, trade turnover between the countries increased 25 percent and was over $ 11 billion. 
However, the authorities of both countries set ambitious task - to achieve $ 20 billion in 2015. There are almost no differences in Russian-Indian cooperation. India and Russia successfully cooperate at various international venues particularly the UN, BRICS. Both countries have very close approaches to the major international issues of the day. Great importance is the cooperation in the humanitarian field. Our peoples are tied by long tradition of mutual respect and friendship. Citizens of both countries have mutual interest in arts, religion, and culture. That is why MMM system was actively supported by the citizens of India. And now you see that MMM is actively developed in other Asian countries, Bangladesh, Indonesia through India, Nepal stands on the line. More and more people begin to understand that the current global financial system is not fair. It is not fair when some work from morning till late at night making money while others are simply paint and then impose to the world.
My opinion is that the customs union is at least an attempt to create a common Eurasian currency that can be an alternative to the U.S. dollar. Eurasian single currency will allow our countries to trade without intermediaries, which will strengthen the state sovereignty of all the Union member countries. 
In any case, in the short term, a free trade agreement India and the CU will significantly increase the volume of trade between Russia and India. 
First of all, competition for arms market in India has become more urgent. Thus India reduces the import of military equipment ready-made models progressively, requiring participation in their development and production of new technologies. In this case for Russia is necessary to rely on the implementation of major common initiatives. The most perspective example in this area is to create a fifth-generation aircraft. India creates modern high-tech armed forces, buying the best on the technical characteristics equipment. 
On the second way, trade and economic cooperation between Russia and India requires modernization. The emphasis should be made on the new economy, high technology, high-tech products. It is necessary to eliminate administrative barriers in trade flows movement, improve credit and financial infrastructure to switch to mutual settlements in national currency. Today we use the dollar in payments between the two countries -the currency of another country. Why do we need a mediator? In addition, we need to create strong technology alliances in those areas, where Russia and India have significant resource and human potential. This is energy, large building works, joint space exploration, communication systems. Such an integrated approach will bring mutual benefits. And all will win by joining the Customs Union - as India as other members of the association.
Most of all I was pleased that everything comes true, and discusses at the highest level as it was mentioned by Sergei Mavrodi in early 2011. No one doubts that the current global financial system is a pyramid scheme. We live in a slave society but the shackles are economic and we can only unite together to become free. That’s why many countries began to discuss the question of convergence at the highest level. So feel free to carry the idea of Sergei Mavrodi and open people's eyes to the truth. In connection with this I appeal to all the participants of MMM-India to vote and hold the initiative of India entering in a customs union. Let all see and know that together we can a lot. And together we will change the world. And the processes that have begun to occur is just the beginning.

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How do you think, should India enter the Customs Union with Russia and other countries?
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