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Greetings to all the MMM participants of India!
 The second month has come since the resumption of the MMM-India system. Everything develops very well. Even those who have not previously received assistance under the old Mavro are payed; participants take the initiative and activity more and more. You can see it on the Web-site. Many request to switch to previous regime and rules of work as to return leader bonuses. People write that they are not afraid of any pressure and are ready again to develop the system actively. So it is time to return the institution of leaders. In this regard I I have turned to Sergei Panteleevich leaders with the task to return the bonuses and come back to the old rules of the system. So we are waiting for good news from our commander in chief.
We also have other good news and I would like to tell about them today. Since I do not have the opportunity to meet you at conferences as before, I will put my video messages and tell you about the Ideology of MMM and the events in the world here on the web-site. Today I want to tell you about a recent meeting of Russian President Vladimir Putin and Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh where the possibility of India entering in a free trade zone with the countries of the Customs Union was raised. Indian side is extremely interested because it can get access to the energy resources of Central Asia and Russia. 
Continuing the dialogue that had begun in New Delhi, Anand Sharma visited Moscow soon and on the results of meetings reported that he looks forward to a speedy increase of mutual investment of Russian and Indian business in several times. So what is a customs union, and what is it good for?
Narsultan Nazarbayev, the President of Kazakhstan, and many experts say that the Customs Union is a Russian attempt to restore the Soviet Union. 
In any case the customs union can be a very influential player on the world stage. This is not just a certain part of the economic reintegration of the former Soviet Union. Eurasian Union can soon become a true continental commonwealth of nations which relationships will not allow the third parties to play on certain contradictions of neighbors. Even those countries that do not share a land border with the association may enter the CU. Customs Union has received 35 applications of cooperation from different countries. But a special interest is the application of India on the possibility of joining the CU. Negotiations about it are underway from 2011, but they have intensified with a new force only in this year.
Indian government intends to discuss with Russia the possibility of signing an economic cooperation agreement with CU, it was declared by Ajay Bisariya, the head of the Eurasian Department of Indian Foreign Ministry. It should be noted that India - a long-standing and reliable partner of Russia. Russian and Indian relations develop dynamically in different directions: the economy, investment, science and culture. They rely on the rich experience of interaction, a solid foundation which were laid before the independence of India. In 2012, trade turnover between the countries increased 25 percent and was over $ 11 billion. 
However, the authorities of both countries set ambitious task - to achieve $ 20 billion in 2015. There are almost no differences in Russian-Indian cooperation. India and Russia successfully cooperate at various international venues particularly the UN, BRICS. Both countries have very close approaches to the major international issues of the day. Great importance is the cooperation in the humanitarian field. Our peoples are tied by long tradition of mutual respect and friendship. Citizens of both countries have mutual interest in arts, religion, and culture. That is why MMM system was actively supported by the citizens of India. And now you see that MMM is actively developed in other Asian countries, Bangladesh, Indonesia through India, Nepal stands on the line. More and more people begin to understand that the current global financial system is not fair. It is not fair when some work from morning till late at night making money while others are simply paint and then impose to the world.
My opinion is that the customs union is at least an attempt to create a common Eurasian currency that can be an alternative to the U.S. dollar. Eurasian single currency will allow our countries to trade without intermediaries, which will strengthen the state sovereignty of all the Union member countries. 
In any case, in the short term, a free trade agreement India and the CU will significantly increase the volume of trade between Russia and India. 
First of all, competition for arms market in India has become more urgent. Thus India reduces the import of military equipment ready-made models progressively, requiring participation in their development and production of new technologies. In this case for Russia is necessary to rely on the implementation of major common initiatives. The most perspective example in this area is to create a fifth-generation aircraft. India creates modern high-tech armed forces, buying the best on the technical characteristics equipment. 
On the second way, trade and economic cooperation between Russia and India requires modernization. The emphasis should be made on the new economy, high technology, high-tech products. It is necessary to eliminate administrative barriers in trade flows movement, improve credit and financial infrastructure to switch to mutual settlements in national currency. Today we use the dollar in payments between the two countries -the currency of another country. Why do we need a mediator? In addition, we need to create strong technology alliances in those areas, where Russia and India have significant resource and human potential. This is energy, large building works, joint space exploration, communication systems. Such an integrated approach will bring mutual benefits. And all will win by joining the Customs Union - as India as other members of the association.
Most of all I was pleased that everything comes true, and discusses at the highest level as it was mentioned by Sergei Mavrodi in early 2011. No one doubts that the current global financial system is a pyramid scheme. We live in a slave society but the shackles are economic and we can only unite together to become free. That’s why many countries began to discuss the question of convergence at the highest level. So feel free to carry the idea of Sergei Mavrodi and open people's eyes to the truth. In connection with this I appeal to all the participants of MMM-India to vote and hold the initiative of India entering in a customs union. Let all see and know that together we can a lot. And together we will change the world. And the processes that have begun to occur is just the beginning.

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Winners will be announced on November 13.  Also next competition which we will hold it for the best article about MMM.
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In connection with the received complaints from some managers that their members disappeared somewhere, and also due to the fact that there are managers who behave passively to help their members, or who stopped to participate in the MMM, everyone will be able to select itself a new manager in the near future. So if someone dropped out from the structure of his manager and was not able to come back will now be able to do it. It will also allow active participants and leaders to unite in a strong and cohesive team. Possibility to choose will also help abandoned members to find and choose a new active manager, which will help them. 
We also introduce our website online consultant whose task will be to provide assistance and consultation of new members who wish to register in the MMM as well as help from more experienced managers to all the participants of our system. In connection with this we announce a selection of wanting to work as the online advisor from among of thousand's manager rank and above. This was made so that the more experienced members shared their experiences and helped their less experienced comrades and people, which are the guests on the web-site and want to participate in the system. Please send applications to the mail point your e-mail in the system.We will also monitor the work of online consultant employees and dismiss unqualified. Complaints against the online consultant send to the mail attaching the text of chat with the negligent online consultant employee. We hope we won’t have soJ Help each other and treat each other with respect. And remember we can a lot only together. And we will change the world. 
Good Luck. Long live MMM.

We return the sms notification. Also sms confirmation will be required for selling Mavro. It was made to protect your Accounts from stealing Mavro and also due to the fact that many new members specify nonexistent phone numbers and we can’t communicate with them. As we promised earlier there will be no SMS confirmation to log in the Account and buy Mavro. We try to make the service as easy for you as possible. Continue writing your suggestions for improving the system in the comments under the appropriate topic in the news. For these purposes, we shall keep it relevant on the first page. 

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