The 3RD Edition of Manager's School starts on 1 MAY


The 3RD Edition of Manager's School starts on 1 May. ​http://goo.gl/Gqgji7

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Recommendations on the registration and safe participation in MMM INDIA


MMM is the Community where people trust and help each other. That’s why it has a principle - “only one account for one person”. Each participant should have own unique Bitcoin wallet or bank account. If you use the same Bitcoin wallet with other people it means they can take your money at any moment!

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About payments of big amounts


Dear participants!

We are glad to inform that the situation with Mavro 100% is developing actively. So actively that some participants have already started to make large contributions. (That's right, and why waste time? Time is money! :-))

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MMM INDIA introduced 100% deposit!


Now, in India we are running an extensive advertising campaign on the Internet. Accordingly, the dynamics is wonderful; and we have a huge number of registrations. 

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