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The amount shown in your Mavro after deposit – is the amount calculated according to the rate of Sell Mavro on that particular date. That means if you request to sell your Mavro before 1 month since you bought Mavro at the rate of 30% or before 3 months since you bought Mavro at the rate of 40% -  when you sell Mavro, it will be as per the rate of sale on that particular date. Rates of purchase and sale are different. 

Please, after you click Recover Password once– DO NOT click AGAIN before You see a window where it’s written in Russian "Вам отправлено письмо” ("Letter has been sent to your e-mail”) and say OK. And to continue - follow the instructions on First Log-in.

ATTENTION! There might be a problem with log-in if you try to click RECOVER PASSWORD several times. That means you will get several links to recover password and none of them will be valid. So you will not be able to specify your personal password and log-in will not be possible.

No, you DO NOT have to Buy MAVRO every month. If you have doubts, it's always better you make sure the System is working. So after you purchased MAVRO first time - If this works out fine for you then you can continue, if not - you can always stop.
You can Buy MAVRO any time. If you don't have possibility to Buy MAVRO next month - you can do it later, when you can. YOUR ID WILL NOT BE BLOCKED.

Yes, this is the proof that you've made payment.

You can request to get help after 1 month of purchasing MAVRO 30% or 3 months of purchasing MAVRO 40%, BUT  ONLY if your Mavro is CONFIRMED. If MAVRO is not CONFIRMED – you will not be able to SELL your MAVRO. 

The moment you log-in into the system using the link, a window will open, which will be in Russian. Just click OK and you will be directed to the Desktop in your account. Here is the translation of this message: 


All transfers of money - only through the software! None of your Managers or any one from you up-line can ask you to transfer money! Any such demand (or request ) - is fraud! Upon receiving any such request you should immediately report to CRO ( и

All the news or any changes will be updated only on the official website . If any manager offers you some kind of gray schemes related to work – he is a crook! We request you to immediately report to CRO.

1. Participant receives an SMS notification from MMM that someone needs help. SMS notification consists of a name and last 4 digits of the card / account to be transferred to. 2. Participant receives an e-mail confirming the order. Verify that the name in the letter and SMS notification match. 3. The participant sees in his virtual account the details of the person who needs help, verifies it with the SMS notification and letter and makes the transaction. 4. You can check the authenticity of transaction with your ten's manager. The duplicate copies of the letter and request are sent to your ten's manager as well. The participant also has an opportunity to communicate with a participant asking for help by mail. Ten's manager will also be able to contact with the participant asking for help or his ten's manager by mail.

1. Login to your mail, read the letter. 2. Login to your virtual MMM account and see the bank details for the transfer. 3. Make the transfer and confirm it in your virtual MMM acccount.

1. Check the e-mail, connected to the virtual MMM account. 2. Login to your account and see the bank details for the transfer. 3. Make the transfer and confirm it in your virtual MMM acccount.


From time to time there are huge hack attacks (D-DOS), so programmers have to switch on special anti-hack system to protect the site. This is the reason that this system sometimes  might slow down the process of working.

Please take pateince.

Virtual accounts are mostly stable in the recent versions of browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. In other browsers there might be errors.

Referrer - is the person who invited you into the system. Ten's manager has no right to force you to choose him as a referrer. This is considered to be a violation. But, if the ten's manager has really invited you, feel free to enter his details in this field. Referrer can be specified in the tab "My profile." To do this, you must specify an e-mail, or a nickname of the referrer. You can edit the field "Referrer" within a week from the date of registration, a week later the field is blocked. You can enter the nickname in the appropriate field in the tab "My Page". REMINDER! Nickname - is a word created by you for the invitation of other participants in the system. Nickname - is a unique field in the system. When fields are checked for duplication, and in case of an error, you will see a message stating that this nickname is already in use.

This card is an account of the system for the storage of your personal deposit. The cards that cannot be used are: credit, social, and salary. Specially made card, from the moment of linking, is a part of MMM System. It is for keeping funds and making transactions as per request which you receive while being a participant.Verification of authenticity of an order can be received from your ten's manager. Any uncoordinated transactions are not allowed. For this kind of transactions the participant will be deleted from the System with return of principal amount or even with a penalty fee.

Requests are created with the help of two main large buttons "GIVE HELP" (purchase transaction), and "GET HELP" (sale transaction). Placed into the system requests are processed and on the basis of this orders to transfer the funds are created. Orders are the only official document on the basis of which participant may make a transfer of funds. The ten's manager has no right to give orders to transfer funds, but shall exercise control on the payment. After completing the transfer of funds, the participant must confirm the transaction in his virtual account. Attach screenshots confirming the transfer, specify the comission fee of bank and the amount of transfer.

Because of current bank regulations, for now you can refer someone from India only.
Added by: narendra

The account will be linked in the process of buying MAVRO, by clicking on the "GIVE HELP" button or through Accounts tab.

Transfer charges is paid by the participant.

The conceptMMM was created by Mr Sergey Mavrodi in Russia. This is not a company, not a business, this is a social financial network, global mutual aid fund.
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There is nothing illegal in transferring your personal money to each other. That's what banks are made for, isn't it.

You can deposit and withdraw different sums of amounts, BUT as of now, maximum deposit is 50, 000 – bonuses will be calculated on MAXIMUM amount of 50, 000 INR. This is to avoid cheating.

When you are filling in the bank details the field - "Number of bank Card" should always remain blank. If you try to fill in anything in this field you will not be able to proceed.

Only a thousand's manager and managers of higher level can shift participants within their structure, or change the manager of participants within their structure. So request your thousand's manager.

From the  date when you initially purchased MAVRO (means you are converting your currency into MAVRO), and specified in your virtual Account- this automatically is the funds of the system. ONLY for safety of the system these funds are kept in your personal account or just in your pocket (ONLY for first deposit).
So once you request for get help, the system will use funds which can be accessed by you fast, which menas WITH YOU, and only then, if this is not suficient to complete the amount requested by YOU - will send the request to another participant.

There are 3 types of Statuses for your Order. You can check the statuses on the left side of the Order.

1---When you receive Order to transfer and "agree to make payment” –


2---When you "have made the payment” and confirm it – or the payment is confirmed by Receiver –


PLEASE – Once you MAKE TRANSFER OF FUNDS – don’t forget to confirm it in your Virtual Account.

PLEASE – After you RECEIVE FUNDS – don’t forget to confirm it in your Virtual Account.

REMEMBER, it is very important to CONFIRM so that the software can calculate the MAVRO without any issues or hassles!!!

ATTENTION! If you notice any kind of cheating in Confirmation Process – IMMEDIATELY send mail to CRO (

3--- When an Order is cancelled by you ("refuse to make payment”) or by CRO –


ATTENTION!!! If due to some reasons an Order is cancelled by CRO, and you already explained by mail the reason why the payment was not made – this status will remain red. There is nothing to worry about this.

This ia a kind of a persoanilsed chat between the sender and the receiver.So apart from phone call, here you can always specify or confirm any kind of details or changes, i.e. bank details etc.

Your New Year bonus, Christmas bonus or Special Offer bonus are valid only if you don't request to Get Help for one month from the date of purchase MAVRO. If you withdraw before this period of time - you will lose your bonus.

You don’t have to enter mobile number of new participans during registration. The participants can do it themselves when they first log-in, and then confirm it with SMS Code.

In your Virtual MMM Account you will find the Tab "Accounts"

Then Click "Accounts of the system” --- "Add” – Enter your Full Bank Details  - 


To confirm your transfer, you click on order on your Desktop – then scroll down and click "I completed this payment”
If you click "I refuse to give help" - your ID will be automatically blocked.




Only a hundred's manager and managers of higher level can change status of Participant to Manager.
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You can select particular MAVRO Wallet in your MAVRO – “Convert Mavro” – “Convert”. After that when you pass GET HELP procedure – you will see the amount in rupees as per the rate of the date of purchase.

From the level of ten's manager and so on - your Status will be changing automatically when you get particular number of participants registered under you.

Don't panic! There might be two reasons. First, you need to refresh your browser. Press CTRL+R and proceed. Second, site is under maintenance. Then either you try to log-in from or - it ll say "Site is under maintenance". So, wait for sometime, press CTRL+R and proceed.

After Sender informed you that he/she has made the payment and confirmed it - you will see status of Order on Desktop.

Click on Order, scroll down and click "Confirm funds reception”. Remember, don’t confirm receiving of funds before you actually can check the balance of your bank account.

You can also extend time of transfer for Sender by clicking "Extend the timeout on 24 hours”.

Yes, participant can always add another Bank Account to "Private Accounts" and request to withdraw there.
Also, if you log-in and on your DESKTOP you see message on your order from Receiver, which says to transfer to the alternate Bank Account doesn't matter even if account has a different name, you can follow it, because this Message coming from Receiver himself. You can also always contact him/her using the same Messages section, by phone or by mail.

Sometimes, after maintenance of the site, you are not able to log-in because you have to refresh browser first. So, first, press CTRL+R and then try to log-in again.

Sometimes, e-mails come to Spam. Check your Spam Box.

As per Rules, №17, participants and managers might get funds transferred to their linked Bank Accounts for storage. The funds might be sent to be transferred to you EVEN IF you didn't specify Bank Details. In this case Sender will contact you via phone, e-mail or Message box.
Please, provide this information and receive the funds. YOU CANNOT WITHDRAW IT from your bank account for any personal use. Keep this amount untill and unless the System requests you to transfer it or use it. You Must transfer it as per request of the System. Funds for storage will be transferred to you ONLY ONCE.

How do you think, should India enter the Customs Union with Russia and other countries?
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Subject: Mavrodians - We are waiting for your photos, video reports, testimonies etc. The best will be posted in MAVRODIANS section of the web-site.
Subject: Technical error - make screenshot and write in detail how and where the problem occurs and write your ID. We'll fix it fast!
Subject: CHARITY - If you are interested- you are highly welcome to organize MMM events in your region. 
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